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Amazon Glitches You Don’t Want

I checked my author page today to find that several of my books were not displaying on my Amazon author profile! Several of my most popular books lacked visibility on the Zon. By reloading the page, they might come back and they might not. I just checked this afternoon and even fewer of my books were to be found on my author page! No wonder my book sales have been plummeting.

(It was at this point Rob began to sweat and curse. He had cursed before, but as he reflected on financial ruin, he brought fresh verve and creativity to the activity.)

Visibility on Amazon is always a challenge, but when the problem is indistinguishable from sabotage, it’s time to hit the panic button. I got KDP on the horn very quickly and the rep was nice, but she also informed me that I had to talk to a different department to rectify the glitch. For that, no phone call. I had to send an email. I did so and struck just the right note: polite yet 911 urgent, on fire, yet congenial. The robot told me to expect to wait twenty-four hours, longer if research is required.

In the meantime, what to do, what to do, what to freakin’ do? I reasoned there must be something more to take action on than merely sweating, cursing, and making a TikTok about it.

Action steps:

1. Do what I’m told and wait patiently for a reply. I can do that. (Butt wiggles like a chihuahua that needs to pee.)

2. Direct you to my author site at AllThatChazz.com for direct links to my books.

3. Failing that, please search Robert Chazz Chute on Amazon to find my beguiling suspense and unputdownable science fiction. (Yes, I have some financial ground to make up this month. God, how long has this been going on?!)

4. That done? Read this article from Kindlepreneur about how to deal with suspensions, terminations, and other disasters on the Amazon platform.

5. Go to your author page and see if all your books are there sittin’ pretty. If they are, huzzah! No problem. If not, revisit Step 4.

We now return to my previously scheduled sweating , cursing, and butt wiggling.

~ I am Robert Chazz Chute. I pen apocalyptic epics with heart and killer crime thrillers with muscle. I’m really quite sweet and adorable most of the time. Find my stuff at AllThatChazz.com.

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5 Responses

  1. Totally freaked out. I have just published my second book and BOTH the first and second in my mainstream trilogy have just VANISHED from my Author Page. My books’ blog is still happening, and I used their form (since it’s Sunday and I can’t call), and sent them all the information in an email, but I am NOT happy. And have a Kindle Countdown starting in the UK tomorrow morning.


    • rchazzchute says:

      Damn. I hope the glitch passes in time for your promotion. These things often do fix themselves, though the woman at the help desk advised me to follow up with them even if the bug go away.

      • I’ll send potential readers to the book’s page, which is still where it belongs, and keep asking Amazon politely until everything is back to normal.

        Hope I don’t have to drag out my copyright registrations, but I’ve done it before, and I have digital copies (which almost GUARANTEES they won’t require them). Worth every penny to have proof they would accept, the first time it happened – we were in the middle of a New Jersey to California move, and everything was packed.

        I think we should get points, or money, or acknowledgement when they change things, and their authors debug the change for them by writing in what went wrong.

  2. acflory says:

    Bloody hell. What is going on? I haven’t checked my page yet but now I’m terrified about what I’ll see…or not see. Thanks for the warning Rob/Alicia. I hope amazon fixes whatever is wrong asap.

    • acflory says:

      p.s. just checked and amazon is a trainwreck! KDP page shows all my books as ‘live’, but a search of ‘acflory’ only brings up some of my books, and in my author page, the carousel is missing most of my books and the details list is missing some of them.
      Chasing amazon was /not/ what I had planned for today. grrrrrr…..!!!!!!

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