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Writers’ Union of Canada VIDEO (plus a cool NEW word! Yay!)

Yesterday I blogged about The Writers’ Union of Canada and that particular post wasn’t altogether complimentary. In fact, I proposed that if they didn’t open up their membership criteria to self-published authors, an indie union could be formed.

I hope that isn’t necessary since it could duplicate effort across platforms and dilute the voice of the writing profession. (However, if the self-published aren’t represented at all…hm. I won’t get sucked into a rehash. If you missed it, read, cogitate, plot and plan.)

But I’m all about the balance. For instance, I complained in a long ago post that TWUC’s judging of one year’s short story competition…well, it sucked. I’ve also been very complimentary with regard to their most recent symposium in Toronto (that also went on tour across Canada.)

This video on Canada’s proposed copyright law is an example of one of the good things unions can do to deal with The Man. The education provision does appear too broad and is a detriment to writers who are, as the legislation is written, voluntold to give up recompense for their work.


Chazz Definition: To have your services, product and/or time volunteered by someone other than you who has no business telling you what to do with your services, product and/or time.

(e.g. “I can’t order you on a suicide mission but I need five volunteers to storm that machine gun nest. You, you, you, you and you, go! You’ve been voluntold. A grateful nation honors your blah, blah, blah…”)

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#Funny Pop Culture Sayings

Diagram presenting the context of surculture. ...

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I was going to lay down some Cool Words of the Day on you this morning, but then I ran across this link:

50 Funniest Pop Culture Sayings That Made it to the Dictionary | Online College Tips

Cool and interesting. Enjoy!

PS More great publishing links coming later today. I have enough new publishing and writing advice links to fill a week’s worth of posts. I’m working on NaNoWriMo so I might load you up with some heavy link curation.

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Cool Words of the Day

I think I'm givin' up

Image by assbach via Flickr

Octonocular ~ Having eight eyes

Lugubrious ~ Mournful, indicating sorrow

Lupine ~ belonging to a wolf, also ravenous

Lumbago ~ pain in the low back

Jeunesse ~ the rich spendthrift youth of a community

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Cool Word of the Day






 Something artificial that replaces something genuine. 

eg Ersatz conservative Stephen Colbert makes me laugh, but I’d rather be interviewed for my book by the genuine liberal, Jon Stewart.  

(Jon would give me a hug. Stephen would make me pee my pants.) 

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Cool Words of the Day

The really sharp proofreaders among my readers may be thinking, “Doesn’t he occasionally do Cool Word of the Day, singular not plural?” Yes, it’s usually singular, but word lovers are going to lose their minds over this site which lists collective nouns for animals.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the subject because, well, it’s cool…as long as you love words. A group of thrush is called a mutation. Alligators together are a congregation. Giraffes in a group are a tower. Goldfish together are a bubble. I love that stuff. Don’t you?

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Cool Word of the Day: Genian


of, or pertaining to,

the chin.*

(This is the antidote to the last post which, I know, was way too long!)

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Cool Word of the Day


n. (Prov. Eng.) the plural of cow

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Cool Word of the Day (and the McCain/Palin Conspiracy Theory)


In rhetoric, the repetition of a word or part of a sentence for greater emphasis.

Palin, Sarah

A goofy Alaskan ex-governor who has somehow captured the imagination of a bunch of conservative wackos. Said governor, didn’t just “pal around” with a secessionist. She married one. (Was the wink a sign she was really trying to lose? If you break down the near seizure-like winking, the Morse code spells out “I’m just kiddin’ ya!”)

The McCain/Palin Conspiracy Theory

In the run up to the election, liberal conservative John McCain admitted that he did not know how to use a computer, neither Mac nor PC. The theory is that, after a disastrous eight-year run with Bush, McCain wanted to ensure a change in leadership. Enabling Barack Obama would become the next president of the United States, he chose the supremely unqualified Sarah Palin as his running mate. Given the undignified sacrifices McCain made to ensure the ascension of the Democrats, the vote was way too close (revealing more crazy racists than had been previously suspected.) Sour at the lengths he had to go, McCain has turned into a real Conservative douche again who will say batshit thing he can to get reelected (from eschewing and then hugging George Bush to choosing Sarah Palin, distancing himself from Sarah Palin and embracing her and her hardcore wacko fans again.) His legacy of honor and bipartisanship is in tatters at the sad end of his career. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin still has a shot at running in the next election. She says such crazy shit, sometimes you have to think she’s actually a Democrat in dingbat’s clothing–very very expensive clothing. (That “very very” was a palillogy.)

If true, when will Sarah Palin reveal it was all just the ultimate, most expensive prank ever to mock the democratic process? After the next election so she can make sure Obama gets a second term? She quit the governorship to spout her beliefs from Facebook! I mean, c’mon! WTF?!

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Cool Word of the Day


One who is very pleasing to the eyes.

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Cool Word of the Day


A coin kept in the pocket, but not spent (generally a coin that’s not current.)

Nope. I don’t know the point of that, either.

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