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#Funny Pop Culture Sayings

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I was going to lay down some Cool Words of the Day on you this morning, but then I ran across this link:

50 Funniest Pop Culture Sayings That Made it to the Dictionary | Online College Tips

Cool and interesting. Enjoy!

PS More great publishing links coming later today. I have enough new publishing and writing advice links to fill a week’s worth of posts. I’m working on NaNoWriMo so I might load you up with some heavy link curation.

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Cool Phrases of the Day

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A dab hand = one who is adept.

The Fraternity = a term highwaymen used to apply to themselves as  a group

A gay dog = said of one who gets around and enjoys himself, esp. with the ladies (ironic, no?)

A dog in a manger = A mean-spirited person who will not use what is wanted by another, not let another have it to use.

~ from the Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & Fable (1959, Centenary edition)

Note: You may think these phrases outdated, but perhaps not as far out of date as one might think. I never heard the term “gay dog” in Nova Scotia, but if you know old people in the Maritimes, you’ve probably heard the others. I’m not that ancient. It’s just that I have a good memory for the words of elders back home.

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