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Novel Novella Experiments & a #FREE book

Metal Immortal (Small)

I’ve published three long SF novellas in the last few months. Metal Immortal is free today, so click that beautiful Kit Foster Design cover to get on board for some kick ass military SF reminiscent of War of the Worlds.

It’s a robot uprising that’s pulpy fun. Before Asimov made robots three laws nice, this is what robot mayhem looked like: the Next Intelligence taking over the world, subterranean subs and giant Zilla Class city-killers lumbering across the landscape. Lt. Avery is a Sand Shark pilot on a recon mission in the desert. Things go wrong quickly and get worse. 

What’s different is the experiment: four novellas build one big novel.

I love novellas for their lack of fat. This is action, action, action with nary a break. You’ll love Deborah Avery for her competence and jokes, but characterization comes through action. It’s still hefty enough at 30,000+ words, but it will go so fast, you’ll think it’s shorter.

You can read each of the three novella as stand-alones. The stories are interconnected, true. However, all the threads come together in Book 4 of the Robot Planet Series. The characters that survive the robo-apocalypse  join forces for the final epic battle in book 4: Metal Forever (coming in December.)

As usual, nothing’s usual. Big surprises and fun ahead. Please click the pic to join the adventure and, if you dig it, I’d really appreciate it if you left a review.  Thanks!

Talk soon,


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6 Responses

  1. I clicked on the excellent cover…nothing happened. Did I misread something?

  2. acflory says:

    Thanks! Bought the first two so I’m one of the converted but it’s nice to get a present. 🙂

    • acflory says:

      Oh! p.s. I’ve been meaning to ask you – when you write a serial, like This Plague of Days, do you write at least the first draft of the whole story first? Or do you keep it all in your head and publish as you go?

      • rchazzchute says:

        Hi! For TPOD, I wrote it as one book first and then rewrites took me to three. Each book was written and then serialized. For the Robot Planet Series, since the story lines are so distinct, I wrote and published as I went. The fourth novella is written now and I just have to polish it. I did a lot of outlining for TPOD so I felt safe. For the latest series, I pantsed it all, which ended with more creative solutions in the end. Thanks for asking.

      • acflory says:

        Ah HAH! Thank you. I’ve never tried a serialized story before but the one I’m working on really seems to want to be a serial. Or one ginormous doorstop. I like what you did with TPOD so I’ll continue with what I’m doing.
        Thanks again. 🙂

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