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Allison M. Dickson: Why I Left Smashwords

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Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

Allison Dickson of allisonmdickson.com makes great points at the link about the problems with Smashwords. I like the easy proliferation to various retailers the meatgrinder allows, but the fact that Smashwords isn’t a destination site for readers is a concern. I love their option to use promo coupons, but I wish readers could download with just one click, like Amazon. It continues to amaze me that Amazon hasn’t stolen the promotional coupon code idea already.


I’m currently committed to KDP Select for most of my books to the end of January. I’ll then open up my virtual bookshelf to more platforms and I anticipate that most of the prices on my books will go up. However, from what I’ve heard about Kobo’s new user-friendliness, I’m definitely considering dealing with them directly instead of through Smashwords. I guess I’ll experiment with a little bit of this and a little bit of that to see which tactics bear the most fruit. With more books on the way soon, I feel fortunate to have options. I will continue to give Amazon first shot to promote the books, but after one 90-day exclusive period with KDP Select is up, I plan to unleash the books across all retailers.


Many of my fellow authors seem to be fleeing KDP Select after disappointing results (though, of course, no sales experience is universal and conclusive.) Has your publishing proliferation strategy changed? Care to share your rationale? Mull at the link below. ~ Chazz 

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2 Responses

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  2. Charles says:

    But don’t you earn more if people buy your book at say B&N if it’s uploaded via Smashwords?

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