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Hang Out With Me

I’m on a podcast! This is an instructive listen, but it was also a lot of plain old fun. Sadly, they cut out a bunch of jokes wherein I threatened the hosts. Tell somebody you wish their mother such great health that she outlives her children, and suddenly, I’m the bad guy! Come to think of it, I’m not sure Joe understood I was just joshin’. Alas.

Re-creative has an interesting premise. The hosts speak to artists of all sorts and discuss their influences. Of course, we have so many influences. I’ve got Stephen King for plotting and tone, Blake Crouch for pacing, and my ninth and tenth-grade English teachers who underestimated my dazzling powers. Darn their souls to heck and I hope their socks and shoes never fit quite right! Yes, spite counts as an influence, too.

My go-to guy for writing wisdom is William Goldman. I learned more about writing from Bill Goldman than I ever gleaned from a writing class. Allow me to explain here:

What are your artistic influences?

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4 Responses

  1. What Goldman books on writing have you gleaned from?

    Or do you mean you have analyzed the parts of his work that struck you as particularly apt?

    My brain isn’t capable of listening to podcasts today (or usually) – but I value your recommendations.

  2. Will do – thanks. I’ll try to listen to the podcast one of these days – good that things on the internet last forever, because my brain needs external storage.

  3. Ordered. I like to read new craft books (yes, I know it’s a novel) periodically, and Amazon makes it SO easy.

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