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Writers: Does the term “wannabe” irk you?

Kevin Smith

Image by wvs via Flickr

Just read an editor using the term “wannabe.” I’ve probably used it in the past, too, but no more. (I am a writer and I’m an editor who works with writers, so why wouldn’t I show them as much respect as I can and avoid an irksome term?)

Whether the editor in question meant it that way or not, it came off as dismissive. Anyone who read my blog regularly knows I have a man crush on writer-director indie legend Kevin Smith. He wrote something a while ago that really got my attention and it applies here.

He wanted to be a director. He was in Jersey and no money and no plan.

When he told his sister of his ambition, she replied,

“Then BE a director!”

Don’t want it. Be it.

If you write, you’re a writer. If you aren’t published yet, approach the work professionally and act as if you already are. (That means improve your craft, take criticism, educate yourself about the industry and comport yourself with grace and ease.)

I’m a published writer and I can tell you, after a time, seeing your name in print is not that big a deal. It’s the work that matters, and when it’s at its best, it will feel like play.

What matters is the writing:

Do it.

Enjoy it.

Get it down,

Get it done.

Write more.

Write again.

Writers write.

Don’t get caught up in status, hierarchy and aspirations. Do the work because writers write, whether they’re going to be published or not.

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