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Post #600: Half a league, half a league, half a league onward

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I can’t believe it! Six-hundred posts! Of course, I’ve had other blogs and written for decades, so I know 600 is just a number. Still, Chazz Writes is finally taking off in the way I hoped it would. More comments, more love and more links (you have followed my topic, Writing and Reading Fiction on ScoopIt! too, right?)

I have promoted a dozen authors and their books. I’ve reviewed books and hope to (this fall) get a reviewing circle going so I and other authors can review more self-published books. Recently I went through old posts and found that, over the last year and a half, I’ve delved into a lot of tricky bits about writing and editing. Most important, I’ve made friends who have helped me. I’ve learned so much from Reena Jacobs and Jeff Bennington and Lorina Stephens and Roz Morris and Rebecca Senese and a dozen others. As I read the big guns, like Konrath and Eisler and Wendig, I learn more and then, through writing this blog, discover what I think about ebooks, publication and the widening digital world. In writing for you, I come back to myself.

Pretty much everything, with few exceptions, has been very well received. (The complainers have been located, tagged and marked for death by tiny ninja chips implanted in their rectums [recti?] which are programmed to explode as they read this word: churlishness. KA-BLAM!*) Also, there’s been some interesting civil debate and difference of opinion which added spice and substance (See two posts ago, for instance).

Ah, but what about the future? There will be more of the same advice-based blogging mixed with a little spirited ranting. The site that’s linked to this blog will be deleted and a new and improved one will take its place. My books will be available soon from Ex Parte Press (Motto: All of the fun, far less bullshit).

And, as I write full-time, I’ll continue to commiserate and share with you, my fellow artists and travellers on the journey to literature, independence, free expression and reading bliss.

Publishing is a tough business.

Let’s be tougher than publishing.

Let’s be gentle with each other.

*Please note: If you complained churlishly about free content and did not die, the microchip malfunctioned. Damn low-rate ninjas! But that was a wicked fart, huh?

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5 Responses

  1. scribbla says:

    A massive congratulations on 600 – that is impressive.

    • Chazz says:

      Thanks Scribbla! You’ve been such a dedicated reader of the blog, I probably subjected you to quite a few of the 600. Thanks for being so positive and so supportive. I’m often supportive of my fellow writers, but I have to work on my positivity more. You know, to stave off the despair when the demons come at midnight and the walls are alive with the rotting thoraxes of ghost dung beetles and so forth.

  2. Reci, ka-blam, wicked fart? Hilarious post, Chazz!

  3. Chazz says:

    Thanks, Jeff. And thanks for being you.

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