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UBC #23: Loves & hates & the Fab Blog Award

Future Pull awarded me a Fabulous Blog Award. Cool! Thanks so much! Part of the deal is I thank the blogger who gave me the award. (Ding! Done!) Then I  a. name five fabulous moments; b. name five things I love; c. name five things I hate; d. pass the award on to five other deserving bloggers.

Fab moments. The first three, you’d expect:

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Click for Self-help for Stoners.

1. Marrying She Who Must Be Obeyed AKA The High Queen.

2. The birth of The Princess.

3. The birth of the Prince.

4. Healing a woman confined to a wheelchair for 12 years. She’s still walking, driving, travelling and living independently.

5. Meeting director Kevin Smith and giving him an autographed copy of my first book, Self-help for Stoners.

Loves in no particular order:

1. Celebrating with chocolate croissants when I finished my first crime thriller, Bigger Than Jesus. It was an orgy.

2. A good book  and me by the fireplace during a snowstorm.

3. Hot, sweet coffee.

4. My Mac.

5. See 1, 2 and 3 of Fab Moments above.

Click to get Bigger Than Jesus here


1. Power-mad twits.

2. Hateful twits.

3. Bigoted twits.

4. Right-wing radio (That’s pretty much 1, 2, 3.)

5. I guess it really all comes down to twits.

Bloggers (tough one):

1. Writing is Hard Work  Helped me in my struggles with Scrivener.

2. Let’s Get Digital  David keeps me informed on the latest in digital publishing. Smart fellow.

3. Eden Baylee’s Blog She’s an erotic writer who writes erotica (and that was a really fun author interview).

4. Matthew Iden He’s been especially helpful on keeping me current on the new Kobo platform.

5. FUONLYKNEW Cool reviews. (Love the animated graphic on her blog, too.)

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12 Responses

  1. futurepull says:

    Thanks for the mention chazz. #2 of your loves is one of my essentials in my Ideal Day and one I chose to picture on my blog today. And all those hates? I thought you were saying tweets. Just finished tweeting so I had it on the brain I guess. LOL

  2. eden baylee says:

    Many thanks lovely man for naming me in your list of bloggers. I’m honored. The best part of getting an award is learning about the person who gave it to me.
    You’ve confirmed what I think I already knew about you – you’re a nutty, goofy, funny man with a really warm heart.

  3. fuonlyknew says:

    I am now speechless! Thank god I can type. Now that I know about you, I’m going to blab it to my friends. Everyone will know you are a big softy behind all that witticism. Thank you so much.

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  5. […] UBC #23: Loves & hates & the Fab Blog Award (chazzwrites.com) […]

  6. […] UBC #23: Loves & hates & the Fab Blog Award (chazzwrites.com) […]

  7. […] UBC #23: Loves & hates & the Fab Blog Award (chazzwrites.com) […]

  8. fuonlyknew says:

    Hi Chazz. I have been a bad girl. I just now posted my award from you. It’s kinda late! Thanks so much. http://wp.me/p27ipo-lj
    Sorry it took so long. Believe me, I am overwhelmed right now by posts and my head is spinning!

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