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Writers: Self-publishing links

Patricia Benesh writes in the Huffington Post about the five questions you should ask yourself before going the self-publishing route.

At Self-publishing Central there’s a blog post about the journey to publication and finding peer support along the way.

Eoin Purcell‘s blog writes about the state of the traditional publishing industry and how it’s not all bad news. In fact, libraries are trending up.

And Jeff Bennington over at The Writing Bomb writes a compelling post evaluating Lightning Source versus Create Space. Do check that out!

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Your Friday Reward: This probably wouldn’t happen

This FOX NEWS FAIL probably wouldn’t happen,

but only probably.

The image is from Huffington Post and it made me laugh.

Now the news nugget:

Thinking about Fox made me think of a recent post by blogger extraordinaire Jon Morrow. Mean works. Mean gets eyeballs. (Although, to his credit, Mr. Morrow was arguing for the power of mean, not stupid.)

Fox gets huge ratings as they point out often. As pointed out in Howard Stern’s movie from way back, “People who love Howard Stern listen about an hour. People who hate Howard Stern listen for two hours.”

I guess I’m saying, if you think something is consistently dumb, lying or deliberately obtuse, don’t watch it. It makes them feel too good about themselves and ruins your day.

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