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Tools, tips and hilarity to help you write faster

Authors argue about whether writing fast is a virtue. I won’t blog about that today because, frankly, the argument seems to boil down to, “I hate you if you don’t write precisely as fast or as slow as I do.” No time for that. However, I do have two useful links for those who enjoy the writing and marketing pleasures of speedy production.

Last night, Michael Anderle spoke on the Self-publishing Roundtable about his astounding productivity and stellar results. He also talked about the uber-robo-tech that could help you optimize your books and sell, sell, sell. My nipples got hard about his short story strategy, too. Bonus: I start the interview with some helpful advice about targeting the most cooperative murder victims. Go SPRT!

Watch the entire interview with Michael here.

Next? Hey! It’s May 20! Time to plot what you’re going to accomplish in June. (Don’t invade Poland.) Instead, it’s time to write another book, right? Boost your efforts with a creative jet pack by joining JuNoWriMo. Write at pulp speed and proceed apace. JuNoWriMo harnesses your cooperative, hopeful and competitive instincts. Writing doesn’t have to be lonely. You can have social support and not fall into the sad, dark and solo cliche that is my usual writing life.

Join JuNoWriMo here and let’s get cracking on that life we meant to have. Yeah! Damn skippy!

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