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Has the internet killed your attention span, too?

I have a lot of pipe bombs in the fire, but lately I’ve been thinking more about how I should be doing less. I have great enthusiasm for my writing projects, but everybody needs balance. I need to find my tipping point without falling on my face. I want to read more and write more and do a bit less of just about everything that’s not related to ink.

I’ve written a lot about stress and time management for writers. Those topics are in my wheelhouse professionally. Lately I’ve been feeling that I’ve let myself down on this score. How many flaming swords can I juggle before I start to blame myself for all the fiery death and chaos around me?

Amid my multiple jobs, each day’s time constraints and chauffeuring kids thither and yon, I haven’t made time for one of my greatest pleasures. I used to eke out time to read so much, no matter what. I’d read ten books at a time. I’d dive in and not come up for air for hours. I love to read. How come I don’t do what I love? How did that become such a low priority? (Oh, right. The pursuit of money and working myself to death. Right….)

Has the internet whittled my attention span down to nothing? If that’s the case, I can only imagine I can get it back with a bit of practice. It’s time to get back to my first love. Now that I’ve identified the problem, I have to take steps to change. (Otherwise this is just whining and whining is not sexy.)

I hereby resolve that I will read more. And not something I have to read, either! The only homework an adult should have to do is taxes and that’s it! I will continue to read for research, of course, but that won’t count toward my goal of a couple of novels a week.

I want to read fun books. I want to read fiction that’s not needed nor prescribed, but for my own sake. I want to be selfish about my reading time again.

My tolerance for bad books is much lower than it used to be. I don’t have time for bad books so I’m more prone to abandon books than I used to be. What I really want is to read something that makes me want to slow down so I don’t get to the end too fast. We can only read a book the first time once.

The best things I learned about writing came from William Goldman. I want that joy of discovery again. I’m going to get my attention sp — SQUIRREL!

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