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Do Amazon and Createspace rip off Indie publishers with failure to correctly report sales?

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Guest post by John. R. Clark, Managing Editor at AgeView Press When AgeView Press Indie pubbed the book FLYING SOLO in May of 2012, the author, Jeanette Vaughan  immediately began tracking sales.  …

Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

Like the author of this post, I suspect this is a case of a systems problem rather than any attempt to steal. Personally, I’ve ordered copies of my books from CreateSpace that never showed up. They were fairly quickly replaced when I complained and the service desk at CreateSpace are friendly, kind and helpful people. However, it happened more than once. Obviously there are glitches to work out. I’d be more confident if mistakes weren’t repeated. (Lesson: Make mistakes, but try to make new ones to learn from.)


Traditional publishers, too, have a history of slow accounting practices. Though that was common, it didn’t suck any less for authors. With current tracking capabilities (i.e. computers), I can’t imagine why that sort of ineptitude should continue. A small delay? Okay. When you have data dripping in from multiple venues, that’s understandable. However, from the description on this post, it sounds like there are lots of promises to investigate but not a lot of cozy answers forthcoming quickly.

I hope the authors get their answers and any outstanding royalties due soon. For most of us, if we lose sales due to accounting issues, we won’t know it. That’s why we must have a clean accounting system working with transparency, clarity and timeliness. Screw with our confidence in the system and we’ll find someone else to fill the role.


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