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I wrote down all my blogs because, in reciting the list, I always forget one. Here they are:


The site for writers about writing and independent publishing. Popular. Frequently retweeted. A free, fun yet informative chucklefest.

POD Chazz 2AllThatChazz.com

Books by Robert Chazz Chute and the hub for book sales links and the All That Chazz podcast. This podcast features comedy, author readings and commentary about news and politics and anything I consider entertaining. I hope you like it, too.

This Plague of Days.comThis Plague of Days cover

This Plague of Days is my serial about an autistic boy facing down the zombie apocalypse with his family. Part international thriller and part existential contemplation in the America’s heartland, it’s Good, Bad and Evil on a collision course. Once you see the world through Jaimie Spencers’ eyes, you’ll see your own world differently.


Kind of a linear name for a cool podcast. I interview cool people: actors, authors, directors, musicians. Whoever’s cool. Dream interview? Henry Winkler, of course!

OnlySixSeconds.wordpress.comSix Seconds 0301

The site about Vine with updates to my book: Six Seconds, The Unauthorized Guide to How to Build Your Business with the Vine App and did the first author reading on Vine.

Amazon Sales Page

Robert Chazz Chute
Robert Chazz Chute

See all the books by Robert Chazz Chute: two crime novels, the book on Vine, two guides to writing and publishing, and three books of short stories.


I blog about health issues, food diaries, losing weight, kale shakes, tasty smoothies and exercise. Here’s all the things we should do for a balanced life. I rarely have a balanced life, but this site, my Fitbit and Slimkicker.com help keep me on track. It might help you, too.

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