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How to have a Christmas of Consequence

Tomorrow is Christmas and in Retail World, things get crazy. As we run around, taking care of last-minute errands in a mad rush, please remember to be patient and

Lily's Christmas message from Bigger Than Jesus

Lily’s Christmas message from Bigger Than Jesus

kind. Last year, on the day before Christmas, I saw a woman screaming at an old man who had parked at the entrance to a drugstore. She shrieked hysterically at the old man as his wife, a fragile old woman with a cane, limped weakly toward the car with her medicine.

The angry woman saw her, but she was already committed to her rage. She did not ease up on the throttle and apologize. She continued shrieking at the old man for parking where he shouldn’t. There was no compassion. 

We attach significance to special days and ask that everyone abide by a higher standard of conduct. But it shouldn’t matter what day it is! Every day is an opportunity to be kind. If Christmas is your thing, if Sunday is a special day to you, if Easter is your big deal, if you think you’re a good person who cares about others (or aspire to be) carry that kind spirit with you through all your days. Do that and all your days will be better. You’ll spread love and joy and get it back many times over. people will be drawn to your warmth and light.

And to that shrieking, angry young woman, I’m really sorry about following you home and  keying the f$#! out of your new car’s paint job on Christmas Eve. Smashing the window and stuffing the raccoon roadkill under the seat was a tad over the top, too.

Have a safe and happy Christmas, everyone. And be good. Someone knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for Goodness sake. We are everywhere and we are watching.

All about the love...and vengeance.

All about the love…and vengeance.

~ Hey! Just kidding, y’all! I’m a crime novelist who writes books about righteous vengeance. What did you expect? Teddy bears and kittens? Hear the Christmas Apocalypse podcast at AllThatChazz.com. Get all the books by Robert Chazz Chute by using the magic, making a wish and clicking here. With one click, suspense and hilarity are delivered to you (or as a gift) in time for Christmas so you can avoid any parking woes and holiday shopping drama.) Here’s a funny video from College Humor for more on making sure you catch and keep the holiday spirit.

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