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Guest Post: Wenona Hulsey author of the Blood of Burden Series

First off, thanks so much for letting me chat on your site, Chazz! I think your crime thriller readers mixed with my paranormal thriller readers make for some of the best kind of fans.

I’m Wenona Hulsey, author of the Blood Burden series that can be found on Amazon and B&N. Like Chazz, I love to thrill my readers and keep them guessing what will happen next. A great read shouldn’t be predictable so let me start out by telling you what you WILL NOT find in my series: A weak woman waiting for a prince to save her…NO.  A relationship that could be classified as stalking in the court of law…NO. Sparking vampires…ABSOLUTLY NOT.

The Blood Burden Series is about a small town woman with what she thinks is a slightly off kilter mind-reading ability brought on by the stress of losing her mother to cancer. But as time moves on her powers start to evolve, develop and grow into something much, much more. A war is brewing under the surface of the world we know and Nicole is the key weapon. She will have to decide whether she should embrace the powers along with the unusual other-worldly trainers sent to her or try to bury who she is risking all she loves.

Inside the pages of this series you will find mystery, heartbreak, test of loyalty, and romance that will keep you enthralled to the very last word. I mix Irish folklore and southern tradition into a setting with modern day fae and ancient warriors (the smoking hot kilt wearing kind) to take you into a completely new world that I hope you will enjoy.

Thanks you all so much for spending a moment with me.  Be sure to connect with me out in the social networking world after you check out my books.  I love to chat with readers!

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for letting me take your site over for a bit, Robert!

  2. Jerry Ellis says:

    Very nice, Wenona! Wishing you great success with all of your books.

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