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Caleb Pirtle III | BLOG… Interesting stats about how green the grass is on the other side of the publishing fence. You’ll be particularly interested and/or aghast at what 75% of traditionally published authors are thinking and how happy they aren’t. The next time your mom asks you where the big publishing contract is, you could send her Mr. Pirtle’s blog post. Read on at the link. ~ Chazz

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  1. Thanks, Robert, for posting the blog. It is just a reminder that all authors are living in the same maze and looking for a way out. Even the big boys know that publishers can’t or won’t help them much anymore.

  2. […] Join Triberr. I retweet my tribe on Triberr. Last week, I liked Caleb Pirtle’s blog post so much I linked to it from here, too. Triberr is one way I become aware of useful […]

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