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I Have A Chip On My Shoulder. I Named It Dale

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There’s a minor hoorah going around the blogosphere this week. People complaining about self-publishers with chips on their shoulders and big mouths. There is a call for civility. When it fir…


[Sometimes I notice themes emerge on this blog as a week progresses. Recently I linked to a post about civility and comportment among indie authors. In this link to JW Manus’s blog, you’ll find more fallout. It’s interesting and there are some great points in the comments thread, too. With this link, I’m going to give the debate a rest. It spurs some thought so I’m linking to point you that way. However, look for some more positive stuff about both sides of the trad and indie industry in the coming week. I’m assuming I can find some positive stuff, anyway. 🙂


Key points for me are (A) nobody died so no one should write someone off just because they criticize a business model, (B) don’t tell me what to do as if you’re my boss or my parent, (C) free speech doesn’t necessarily equal incivility, especially if it’s to be effective, and (D) if you don’t like me, you don’t have to listen to me, read my stuff or dance to the music in my head (and vice versa). Click the Scoopit link to form opinions that are entirely your own. ~ Chazz]

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