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Hey Indie and Self-Published Authors — You Stink. | The Indie Times

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Unbelievable! I have always said that it is sad that the stigma in the publishing world, propagated and promoted by the upper echelon of the industry, filters down to store owners and managers, who seem to want to elevate themselves to that lofty…


(And now, from the Last Laugh Department… Click the link for the full story. And congratulations to Mr. Wooten. ~ Chazz0

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3 Responses

  1. Another great article find. I keep promising myself I’ll stop RTing your posts, but I just can’t help myself… lol.

    Armand Rosamilia

  2. Chazz says:

    Haha! I appreciate every RT, Armand, so don’t feel you have to hold back arbitrarily. I like pointing people toward posts they might otherwise have missed.

  3. Kahlen Aymes says:

    In answer Heidi’s post.

    First, I’m sorry you’re having one of “those” days.

    I’m doing a blog tour to promote my new novel. (Yes, I’m an indie author) and I’m addressing this issue with one of my posts. I wanted to point out that It really gets old to have predisposed opinions pinned to your work simply because some “god of publishing” hasn’t blessed your book. Worse, they label you because you had the audacity to believe in yourself and your ability to put words on a page.

    Your comment about bad books getting good reviews made me giggle a little. Reading is subjective. Not everyone will like every book. I bet there isn’t one book written in history that hasn’t had at least one person hate it. Don’t take this personally, but my reader’s opinions mean a hundred times more to me than yours ever could. You are welcome to it, but you’re only one person.

    Are all indie authors great writers? Definitely not. But the same can be said of traditionally published authors. There are a good number books published that should never have seen the light of day. But again, what’s good to me, might be trash to you.

    Self publishing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a terrible writer. Maybe the right agent or publisher hasn’t read it. Let’s face it; the big publishers spend money promoting their big name authors and it could takes years to get to the top of the slush pile and longer to get published. Even if you’re lucky enough to get signed with an agency who can put you in front of one of the big six, how much promotion will your book actually get? New authors don’t get the promotional dollars.

    I get it, but here’s something to consider; In this new era of digital publishing and print-on-demand, there doesn’t have to be a huge up-front investment unless there is a big press run for distribution to retailers in large quantities. If there is no guarantee of serious promotion or getting books in physical stores by the publisher, then why give away the greater percentage of your royalties?

    (Whispers)…I know we’re not supposed to know this, because then it’s easier to brainwash us into thinking that without backing, we’re rotten at writing. Self publishing, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a “crappy book”, Heidi. Some of us have brains, education and discerning taste in literature.

    And see? I said all of this without using shouty ALL CAPS. Your use of them indicates you would like us to believe you to be an expert on what a GOOD editor is and who CAN judge a book or it’s cover…yes?

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