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Elvis has left Linked In

English: Graph of social media activities

English: Graph of social media activities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I was a social media gadfly with unlimited capacity and patience. I was wrong. I thought more was always better. Usually more is better unless we’re talking gunshot wounds. However, as the reminders and posts from Linked In piled up, I found Linked In had the least to offer me of the social media options I’ve explored. Linking with friends or old acquaintances was fun. Finding out what horrible job afflicted an old enemy filled me with inappropriate glee. However, the rewards were brief. Most friends, readers and dreamers are on Facebook or Twitter anyway, so Linked In quickly became redundant. After the bottom dropped out of Facebook’s IPO this week, some pundits are saying the big FB has past its peak and will tank to become the next MySpace. Facebook still looks plenty active to me.

The primary reason for my ennui has nothing to do with Linked In: I’m not looking for a job. Publishing keeps me very busy. If I were looking for a job, I might feel differently.

However, I had thought the groups related to my interests could be useful. Theoretically, they could have been, but that’s where the corpse floated up. I’m not going to name any names, but I can tell you that far too many posts seemed to fall into one of two camps:

1. I know nothing about X and could someone explain all the basics to me so I won’t have to do a pesky Google search or look at Wikipedia or read a blog or a book on the subject?

or, far worse,

2. Everybody sucks but me and I know everything and I’ve been in this business for 40 years and you all know that because I start every snarky post with, “After 40 years in this business…”

Ugh. No, thanks. I’ve had quite enough of that attitude, thank you. I really have to protect my time, especially from big green meanies. I hadn’t encountered that much rudeness in one place in other branches of social media and my policy is I give rude people no time.

If you were trying to connect with me, there are still plenty of fun and friendly ways to do so (Twitter, Facebook, email, puppetry and interpretive dance or possibly even G+.) I don’t think Linked In is a great communications opportunity for indie authors or at least it isn’t for me. Joining was an experiment. Staying with it too long was my mistake. Leaving means one less thing to track.

(Hm? Pinterest? What’s that? Never mind what it is! Quick! Sign me up!)

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4 Responses

  1. denisedesio says:


  2. denisedesio says:

    No! Wait! I hit the reply button too soon! ELVIS JUST WANTS TO LEAVE CHAZZ WRITES – but I can’t. I have to read every post that crosses my inbox. I don’t know how you suck me in every time, Chazz, but your titles alone force my mouse finger to click. I don’t have time for this!

  3. Glynis Smy says:

    When I released my book I decided to accept the requests via LI. After one week I am not sure how long I will remain active. I have joined a group where we share our book links and facebook pages. Here I have met a few friendlies, and one even downloaded a copy of my book. Twitter has become more active in my corner this past week. Not sure whether folk accept me more now I have published a book or what, but I have gained author followers. Facebook and my blog are the places I mainly catch up with folk.

  4. Chazz says:

    @Glynis Funny, when I joined Klout, I was surprised to discover their analysis found I was most influential through Facebook. Really? How could that be? I have three Twitter accounts, G+, a podcast and two blogs, and yet Klout decided Facebook was where my peeps are at. (I already hate myself for using that last phrase so you don’t have to.)

    @denisedesio Glad you’re enjoying the titles and the links so much. When I got your first, accidental message, at first I thought, “Ah. Another satisfied customer bailing out in a huff.” I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

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