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A theme is emerging today: Another remarkable story from the trenches. When Kiana Davenport dared to publish a couple of stories on Kindle, things got ugly and Penguin demanded the advance on her novel back. Fascinating post at the link, and frankly, the author comes out the end of the feces storm smelling of roses and lavender. Read on at the link below.

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(Tomorrow we’ll go back to being our usual, happy and positive selves in a dimension without conflict, sadness or anxiety. It’s going to be awesome. Of course, we’ll all be on mushrooms, but still…)

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  1. Hi Chazz, belated thanks (mahalo!) for mentioning my story, my experience in the trenches, and the outcome! May it inspire other writers to take a stand. Traditional publishers have forgotten that THERE IS NO INDUSTRY WITHOUT US. THE WORLD WILL ALWAYS NEED WRITERS.
    Aloha from Hawai’i, Kiana

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