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The downside of cheap ebooks

The_Dangerous_KindEbooks are often so inexpensive that they have become impulse buys available for mere couch change. (That’s how I’m selling my ebooks. Two of them will be up for sale November 1 at $2.99 and one long

Self-help for Stoners

Available Nov. 1

short story goes for 99 cents.) It should be an easy sell for people who can read, like to read and actually do read. The Dangerous Kind, the short story, should lead people to buy the collections (Self-help for Stoners, Stuff to Read When You’re High and Sex, Death & Mind Control.) Well…it’s a good theory.

But will my work actually be read by anyone even after it’s bought?

Everybody’s to-read pile is so big!

Go to Goodreads and surf a bit and you’ll soon find a bunch of books that catch your eye, each one calling with equal force, “Add me to your to-read list!” I’ve recently become more active on Goodreads. I love the site and, after reading some personal recommendations from my GR friends, I’ve even reconsidered a couple of books I picked up and put back down at the bookstore.

An arresting cover can get surfers to slow down to gawk.

Killer ad copy helps.

Friendly, happy reviews help most.

Sex_Death_&_Mind_ControlBut if people buy it but don’t read it and then recommend it enthusiastically…

Let’s just say I can’t bear to think about that possibility very hard.

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  1. Hi Chazz. Love the covers and wanted to invite you to send your books to The Kindle Book Review to request a review from one of my reviewers. That’ll get a jump on your review collection. And I think you are doing the right thing with your pricing!

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