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Self-help for Stoners is now available on Stitcher (plus the Christmas message of hope and gooeyness)

What a week! Self-help for Stoners is now available in paperback. I have a new short story up at Smashwords and tonight I just got an email from Stitcher that my podcast, the companion to the book Self-help for Stoners, is available on their app. Here’s part of the email they just sent me:

Self-help for Stoners is now available on Stitcher! Thank you
so much for joining the Stitcher lineup. We are thrilled to offer the
show on the app! We are really excited that you have joined the platform. Your show
will now be available with one click on mobile phones and iPads all
over the world, SONOS systems, in-car dashboards and more to come!
I hope your audience will enjoy the flexibility and ease of the Stitcher app.
I know many of our Stitcher listeners will enjoy your show as a new
listening option.

Yes, I know it’s a form letter. That knowledge doesn’t detract a bit. I’m thrilled. (The Self-help for Stoners podcast is also available, as usual, at iTunes or straight from my website —which, as of today, is officially all mine— at allthatchazz.com.)

I plan for a busy “holiday” in that there won’t really be one. I have a lot of writing and revising to do to make the novels available faster and who takes a vacation from playing, anyway? I usually feel harried, but I think I’m learning to embrace the chaos. I’m having so much fun that I don’t want to take a break from writing at all. I’ve also learned to take advantage of my manic phases of activity when they strike. Given my Getting-Stuff-Done Mode lately, I imagine it’s like being on Adderall minus that pesky expense. This Christmas, my present to myself is the gift of repairing broken promises I made when I was eight years old. I wanted to publish books. I’m doing it now and staying in the driver’s seat. This wasn’t possible just three or four years ago. Now, for better and worse, I’m in control.

And I’m so grateful. I’m working full-time, working longer hours than I ever have. It feels like I’m in university again and it’s always crunch time. I knew working full-time as a writer and publisher would take up a lot of my time. I didn’t expect it would be this much fun. When my family asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I told them, “Nothing. I don’t deserve anything.” Oddly, I don’t mean that I’m in Hate-Myself Mode. I mean, every day is already a gift. Cliche. And true.

Whether you buy my books or not, I hope you find value in this blog because it’s a labor of love that gives back to me in so many ways. I learn so much by the research I do for the blog. If not for the blog, I never would have met author Jeff Bennington, for instance. He ended up formatting my paperback and he always has advice that makes me think. If not for this blog, I would have missed out on the talent of Kit Foster, my amazing graphic designer, who, so far, has made three book covers for me. I made friends with Dave Jackson at The School of Podcasting. He helped with starting the podcast and also with the author website. There are so many talented authors I’ve met through Chazz Writes who have been so helpful,  like Lorina Stephens, Rebecca Senese, Roz Morris, Reena Jacobs, Lisa Stull, Eden Baylee and many more.

Take a trip through the archives here and you’ll find many articles on the craft of writing and editing, but also author profiles of intrepid fellow writers who are putting themselves out there. We wave banners and take risks. We reject the rejectionists. We say no to the naysayers. We aren’t looking for followers. We are recruiting revolutionaries to our cause and that cause is free expression. We are all so lucky to live at a time when dissemination of our words, broadcasting our thoughts and publishing our books has never been easier or less censored. The rising voices are a din, yes, but I don’t hear desperation in the new wave of information and entertainment. I hear joy and bravery. I hear greater independence and more choice. You can buy books cheaply and quickly. We can debate how healthy this is for writers. We can worry about the state of traditional publishing and bookstores. Though some people whine about to many books, that’s crazy. More choice means more freedom. Whatever happens next, one group has already won: readers.

There are too many people to name here who have helped me to begin this journey. If you have helped me by example, with advice, with encouragement, with proofing, with editing, with design or financially by buying into my fiction, please know that I appreciate it so very much. If we already know each other, I’ve already thanked you for your part in helping me move forward and I’ll no doubt thank you again! One more concrete way I thank people is by promoting your books and hosting guest posts and retweeting your posts and aggregating the best information I can find for you here and on my Scoopit! page. I’ll continue to do so. I promise.

After putting off this life for a long time, my present has finally arrived. This has got to be the gooiest post I’ve written. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, I’m sorry for all this sugar and syrup (but it springs from a happy place.)

This will be my last blog post until 2012. (Okay, I’ll be checking in, continuing Scoopit! and I might pop in with more good news if I get some.) However, my plan is to disappear into some pages and go on a writing binge and get some more stuff done. The guy who gets stuff done is the new me.

This Christmas, I wish you the gift of happiness. 

If you don’t have it yet, know that you can make it so.

If I can, you can.

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Merry Christmas from Chazz!

Wherever you are, I hope Santa brought you the perfect giftmerry_christmas

that you didn’t think you needed

and would never have bought

for yourself but it turned out to be amazing!

Yes, I’m saying I hope you got an e-reader for Christmas.

Have a happy and a merry!

And thanks for reading.

See you Monday.

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Comparing E-readers (because I’m running out of room!)

Friday's Library Sale Haul
Friday’s Library Sale Haul


But the problem is...
But the problem is…

 The bookshelves are groaning. I’m going to need to get an e-reader so I can store my books in the weightless, spaceless ether.

Are you wondering what e-reader to buy? Here’s a an interesting link that compares the tech:

How five e-readers stacked up – USATODAY.com‏

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What Books are Safe from the E-book Revolution?

Cover of "The Going-To-Bed Book"

Cover of The Going-To-Bed Book

I bet you never thought about this. I sure didn’t until I was hanging about with my friend Peter at the Toronto’s Word on the Street. What Books will be safe from the E-book Revolution?

We wandered around the venue and it was a great time. But Peter is sharper than I am and he picked up on a few things. He noticed right away that there were a lot of big publishers absent from the festivities. He also wasn’t impressed with many of the discounts. True, there were some smaller publishers trying to  move their remainders with sale prices as low as a buck a book. Generally the discounts were around 15%. Peter pointed out that when he worked Word on the Street for a major publisher, their discounts were deep but they made it up on volume. They moved a lot of books.

The other thing he noticed was that several children’s bookstores and publishers were represented. “Maybe they won’t have to cut so deep because they’ll be safe from the e-book cull,” he said.

I’d never thought about it, but yes, children’s bookstores should survive. When I think of children’s books, I think of treasured books from my youth. I still have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It’s Ian Fleming‘s best work. (I loved many of the Bond movies, but the books don’t hold up.) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was the Christmas I went to bed with a huge container of Smarties and ate and read until I had no appetite for the Christmas turkey.

When I think of my own kids’ books, an e-book version just wouldn’t do. I can’t read Sandra Boynton‘s The Going to Bed Book* on a screen to my baby! And what if the kid throws up on my iPad? Unacceptable! Besides, little kids are fascinated with the turning of the pages of actual books.

Also, the scholastic market needs children’s readers. School budgets won’t allow for electronic readers for all those kids. Also, little kids with sticky fingers would constantly smear your screen as you read to them.

Taking this logic one step further, it occurs to me that cookbooks might be sustainable. You don’t want to get buttery fingers on your Kindle. However, maybe people will just print off individual pages unless they are really devoted cookbooks fans (there is a wild foodie sub-culture.) There are tons of free recipes available online, so if you have a printer, you’ll never really need to buy a cookbook again unless you look at cookbooks like a dying scuba diver looks at a fresh oxygen tank.

I don’t know what books will be immune. What do you think?

*If you have little kids or know someone who does, you must go buy The Going to Bed Book. It’s very sweet. I read it to my kids so often I can still recite it. We had a massive purge of our children’s library because the kids were getting too old for a lot of the books on the shelves. Sandra Boynton’s book is one of those we kept. We always will.

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