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Reasons We Aren’t Published by 25

1. We overslept and underwrote. fs_worst_excuses_edit

2. Because the Man wuzz keepin’ us down, man! Also, weed.

3. Cabbage Patch Kids and comic book obsession. Also, heroin.

4. We were chasing other dreams. Idol didn’t work out.

5. Kids. Good trade there.

6. We got distracted with the regular job so we could do exotic things…like eat. And not live under an overpass.

7. We thought living under an overpass and too much alcohol was bad. Turns out, it was research. 

8. For girls, boys. For boys girls. Also, multiple variations of those two factors.

9. What we thought was good when we were young writers was not good.

10. Face it. When we were in our 20s, we just didn’t have anything to say yet.


We didn’t write enough. We’re catching up now, aren’t we? Right? Right? Okay, go write.

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