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101 Quick Actions to Build the Writer Platform of Your Dreams | #1 may be most important.

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What does it really take to build a writer platform? Learn the most important aspect to building your writer platform, and 101 quick ways to get started.

Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

This article by Kimberley Grabas at Your Writer Platform is solid. Even as I struggle with questions about how effective social media is and isn’t, I see value among these strategies.


As you look through the list, undoubtedly something useful will jump out at you. Some items may never have occurred to you. (I hadn’t thought of Google authorship.) I felt righteous when I saw YouTube on the list. You may have noticed I’m using more video in my book promotion for This Plague of Days. Between Vine and video, my work is more animated lately.


Maybe PicMonkey will be the revelation you needed today. Finding new ways to monetize is always good. A chance at a new partnership has just fallen into my lap and I’m pretty excited about that. (More on that later.)


Kimberley Grabas’ first action item on the list is "why". She’s absolutely right. We have to identify our unique selling proposition and operate by an defined philosophy. Once you have your Why, you will overcome any How. Number 1 is Priority One.

Enjoy the article at the link below. You’ll undoubtedly find a plank in your platform that needs shoring up. I did.


~ Chazz 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Chazz! Writers have been both grateful and horrified when they saw this list… 😉

    I’m glad YOU weren’t too intimidated to find a couple of items to tweak within your platform building strategy!

    Thanks again,

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