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BOOKRANT: The Publishing Industry Forgot The Only Thing Worth Remembering

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I’m back, Bookworld! I’m back to rant about more of the stupid, stupid things you’re doing. Sorry for my hiatus from my rant column, not that you cared or even

Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

Libbie Hawker rants at traditional publishing at the link. Even if you aren’t open to being convinced, you’ll probably be entertained. Enjoy.

I’ve opted out of this debate and haven’t posted about respecting indies for some time. The SP versus trad thing often gets silly and repetitive. I’m not sure anyone convinces anyone of anything, either. Minds are hard things to change. However, propaganda requires a reply that uses facts. In the anti-SP camp, The Guardian and Salon have, with few exceptions, declared their allegiance with traditional publishing’s party line. That’s why I decided to link to this article today.


There’s a lot to consider here, like how much help the writer recruits in the editorial process. How much help is needed? Are most self-published books crap because the majority of everything is crap? Since Libbie Hawker’s piece is as lengthy as it is thought-provoking, I’ll hold back on that topic today and let you ponder those issues at the link.


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