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Why isn’t my new book selling?

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Writing a book takes a long time, and for those authors new to self publishing, the next step can be daunting – trying to attract readers willing to buy your book.

Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

Brace yourself! Author Derek Haines has some bad news for us all at the link to The Vandal below. Warning! Scary numbers ahead!

However, Derek also gives us ideas about what we can do for the sorry state of our book sales. Put away the rope, wipe your tears of frustration and roll up your sleeves. There’s a lot we must do to stand out from the stampede.

Also remember to subscribe to The Vandal. Derek was among the first to welcome me to Twitter and the indie club. His blog is always excellent, helpful and thought-provoking.


~ Chazz

See on www.derekhaines.ch


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