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The eBook Author’s Corner: Free eBooks Promotions Can Be Pure Gold for Authors

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Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

Here’s an interesting survey of authors’ experiences with free promotions. Have a look at The ebook Author’s Corner at the link.


Most of us still try free promotions on Amazon. They are still the big dog by far. However, after 90 days with KDP Select, we move on to propagate on other platforms. Since free often isn’t effective, ninety days of exclusivity often feels too long for those five days of giveaways. We have to be clever about leveraging those promotions.

It would be encouraging if we heard about wild success on a platform other than Amazon at least once in a while. However, no one listens to Chazz so the distant second, third and fourth runners in the sales platform race still aren’t stealing the best ideas from each other to optimize their effectiveness. Ergo, anonymous reviews suck; anon reviews with stars but no explanatory comments suck harder; being unable to find a book you know is there is freakin’ ridic! (I’ve never used the phrase "freakin’ ridic" before. Once in a lifetime is sufficient.)


My horror serial, This Plague of Days, releases soon. I will be going with Amazon first, but I suspect for only one 90-day period and I don’t even plan to use all five days of free promotion. I’ll let you know how my clever leverage tactics work out. Gee, I hope they’re clever enough. 

To battle. Squire! My armor! 


~ Chazz

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  1. M. L. Sexton says:

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    I find this article to be extremely helpful in that I am currently in a free promotions period on amazon for Adult Bedtime Stories. I recommend any indie author to read this article and click on the link to get feedback from bestselling authors on their experiences with free promotion.

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