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JW Manus: What are the Real Costs of Self-publishing? Wrong Question.

See on Scoop.itWriting and reading fiction

Ebooks = Real Books

Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

Click the Scoopit! link below to scoot over to JW Manus’s blog for an excellent take on the nature of advice, advice-givers and how we might look at the cost/benefit analysis of self-publishing. Love this! Subscribe over there, too. It’s a solid blog with lots of advice about ebook formatting, too.

(When you’re done that, check out author Jordanna East’s guest post on my blog, www.ThisPlagueOfDays.com. Recent tragic and insane weather events underline our needs for disaster preparedness and Jordanna asks what’s in your BOB? Check it out. It’s important.)




~ Chazz

See on jwmanus.wordpress.com


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