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Don’t Be the Sneetch: An Open Letter Response to Shannon Hale

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English: Mint Julep candies, made by Necco.

English: Mint Julep candies, made by Necco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was an interesting post. The original post Anna Elliot refers to (Shannon Hale slamming self-publishing and asserting the superiority of the rotten treehouse that is trad pubbing) sounds like a rather quaint, outdated and out of touch view of indie publishing. Rather than feed the flame of division with further comments, I shall retire to my hammock with a mint julep and allow Jorge to fan me as I contemplate what an idiot Shannon thinks I must be. When the sobbing’s done, I shall focus on Anna’s anti-Sneetch letter so I can recover from the drubbing. I’ll let Anna do the work on this one because I could not reply without using harsh, four-letter words. Such is my rage and sorrow. Decide for yourselves at the link. ~ Chazz

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