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Stephen Woodfin | BLOG… My Triberr buddy Stephen Woodfin has a great post at the link about how e-marketing at Barnes & Noble falls short of imaginative. I chuckled at his line about how I’ve already alienated all my friends — a sad, desperate chuckle. He gives a succcint take on how to evaluate whether you should be staying with or running from KDP Select, too. Click and mull. ~ Chazz


PS Notice the B&N pubit! thingy says, “Publish with the world’s #1 bookseller.” Um…are they directing me to Amazon, then? Very generous of them, I must say.

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  1. Chazz, thanks for the kind words about my Barnes&Noble blog. Although I didn’t include this in my blog, I am also less than encouraged about BN’s statement that it will decide which books it will market. I am not holding my breath.
    Regards, Stephen Woodfin

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