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Russell Blake » Why I Learned To Love KDP Select and Ignore Falling Sales

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Once again, author Russell Blake gives sane analysis of KDP Select & why he’s staying in. You’ve bookmarked his blog by now, yes?

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  1. Reena Jacobs says:

    Excellent post. I opted out of KDP in April when I saw diminished returns on offering free books. However, he makes a decent point when it comes to borrowed books, particularly if the book is priced under $4-5 ($2.50 in royalties for borrowed books).

    On my end, I only saw a few borrows a month when it came to my KDP Select books. Personally, I’d rather just price my book at $4.95, since a handful of borrows doesn’t make up the difference of selling a book at $0.99 (or even $2.99 for that matter — $2.05 sales versus $2.50 borrowed)… especially when I miss out on the other distribution channels.

    I think as we progress and see fewer benefits of the KDP program, fewer will participate, meaning fewer free books overshadowing paid books… and as such smaller TBR piles. 🙂 Hopefully.

    Like the author of the post, I have noticed diminishing sales since March, but the last few days have picked up slightly… but that’s just a few days. I have noticed over the years sales wax and wane for authors in general during certain time periods, so hopefully we’re on the upswing.

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