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Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2011/2012- The Winners | Write to Done

Via Scoop.itWriting and reading fiction

Via writetodone.com

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3 Responses

  1. Anna Drake says:

    Well done, Chaz. You rock.

  2. I didn’t see The Writing Bomb or Chazz Writes there. Maybe 2012 is our year! And thanks for re-blogging my last post. You ROCK.

    • Chazz says:

      Ha! Yeah, that was a mystery. 🙂

      I shout out a lot of information here, but it’s still on a free platform (wordpress.com) and so I’m not doing fancy plug-ins, ads and all that like the higher rated sites. When you look at most of those top blogs, they’re really taking it to a higher level with web design and ads etc. I just recently got control of my author page (allthatchazz.com) so I’m playing with that but I’m feeling a definite tech deficit for making it pretty and more functional. As it stands, I’m content to share my self-pub experience on Chazz Writes and publicize others enthusiastically. Scoopit is a fantastic tool that has allowed me to quickly and easily aggregate without feeling like I’m scraping content or anything. Scoopit helps me find the info easily (aside from the usual places I subscribe) and to point at those helpful sites, suggest people go and learn there and increase the original blog author’s web traffic.

      Once in a long while I get a complaint about the colour scheme or something and I think I should change it, but this free wordpress theme had everything I wanted so I can squooch everything in up top. If it was worth it to me to change, I’d have to get a web designer involved and that’s just not where my budget goes right now. I do think about changing things around and it would help the blog, but when you give stuff away for free, it doesn’t make a lot of sense squandering the time and energy it takes to make it perfect for the few who care about that. (And many more people are happy with it than unhappy. Hey! The people who complain about the colour scheme are in my 3%!) LOL! I am really happy with the way the blog has turned out. It’s a labour of love of learning and writing, so I’m okay with it if I’m not on somebody’s Top Ten list. Judging from my stats, more people are finding me here every day.

      And hey, think of it this way: Maybe your blog was #11!

      Always glad to push The Writing Bomb, Jeff! You’re always a helpful guy.

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