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Here’s a trailer for my books.

Did this on iMovie today. I’d never used iMovie before, but it was fun to play with. Just took a couple of hours, two cans of diet pop and half a bag of salt and vinegar chips…well, those last items might not have been altogether necessary. Books, book trailers, the Self-help for Stoners podcast on iTunes…I’m multimedia now!

Will a book trailer make a difference in sales? Doubtful, from what I’ve researched, but it might draw more attention to my blog and author profile on Goodreads and that’s why I did it. The exposure on YouTube might not hurt, either. I’m sure I’ll do something more elaborate (but just as short) in the future and make each trailer book-specific. For now? This makes me happy.

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3 Responses

  1. Reena Jacobs says:

    Cute. I’ve not tried iMovie yet. I might check it out. 🙂 All this time, I thought your books were non-ficiton.

    • Chazz says:

      Hey! I went into shock at your comment (as reflected in the next post if anyone got down that far!) Glad you liked it. iMovie is incredibly easy considering I wandered into it having never played with it at all.

  2. […] Writes Skip to content HomeAbout Chazz ← Here’s a trailer for my books. 11/21/2011 · 6:02 PM ↓ Jump to […]

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