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The Trampled Author’s Curse upon nasty reviewers

It’s time to say “yes” to something. Maybe even “YES!” 

Art is about saying yes. Making it, consuming it, enjoying it. Enjoying anything means saying yes to it. Whatever your art, it is a hopeful thing. Art affirms possibility. It may not be for everyone, but it is for someone.

This morning I read an article extolling the virtues of five self-published books. There were some nice comments and some lukewarm comments. What shocked me were the truly vile comments. I’m not kidding. Numerous commenters, no doubt bolstered by the anonymity of the Internet, went after the chosen indie books with a vehemence I’d expect for child molesters. Full of bile and blanket condemnations, quite a few whined about how bad the typos were or how only traditionally published authors were worth their time. (I can think of numerous traditionally published authors I’d never read, though I can think of none I’d condemn so harshly. That would make me the bad guy and a drama king.)

They weren’t just saying “No” or “No thanks.” They weren’t even saying “We’ll see.” They were knocking down the attempt. How dare theses people write their books and offer it on the market for 99 cents! One perversely claimed that these authors should pay the reader for their books. Considering anyone can read a hefty sample of any ebook before they buy it, the answer to that is a two-word answer. “And those two words are not “Thank you.”

People of No. They don’t interest me. They’re not passionate about literature. Passion yields sweeter fruit than this. That’s not conviction I’m smelling. Maybe those commenters are simply haters who enjoy trying to make others feel bad so they can feel good. Maybe they need therapy. Maybe they need a hug.

I love books. I don’t love all books. But I don’t hate the authors of the books I don’t like. That’s not a flaw in books. That’s a flaw in reviewers who take their comments too far. I just wanted to get this post up and out there before I have my ebooks available. I want the record to show I put this up before anyone tore into me. When I see such rudeness, I won’t be replying. I’ll just be sending a link to this post. And a mental hug for the sad perpetrator.

They’ll never make art of value because art is a creative juice, not poison.

They’ll never bring joy to others or allow it in themselves.

And that is The Trampled Author’s Curse upon our transgressors.

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5 Responses

  1. Karen Magill says:

    I read TMZ a lot – catch up on my Hollywood gossip! – and whenever I bother to read the comments it always strikes me how empty those posters lives must be. The ones that criticize the reporters on TMZ due to lackluster topic headings or typos. It is the same with any person who posts vile comments. In my opinion they have no life, they have done nothing and are jealous. they are worse than has beens because they are never was and never will bes. (for the record I don’t like the term has beens or washed up. At least those folks were on the top once. Same with writers.)

  2. I’ve seen a few of those reviews myself (not yet on my books) and wondered what steak of black-hearted meanness motivates people to do such things.

  3. scribbla says:

    Perhaps they’re traditional publishers in the last throes of anguish. Yet, if true, not even that would be excusable. Makes one wonder why someone with so much anger would read a self-published book to begin with. One would consider such an act beneath them.

  4. Chazz says:

    Part of it is the medium itself. There’s a fancy name for it that escapes me at the moment, but basically some reviewers write things anonymously that they would never, ever say in person.

    I think that’s a good test. If you wouldn’t say it to my face, then don’t say it on the Internet.

  5. […] The Trampled Author’s Curse upon nasty reviewers (chazzwrites.wordpress.com) […]

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