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Neil Gaiman and another helpful editing link

Hey everyone. I’m still in rehab for a bum shoulder but things are improving and it appears it won’t kill me through the magic of ultrasound, chiropractic, exercise and scapular manipulation. I am taking it a little easier this week since the keyboard has made the pain worse in the last week. That said, I’m still blogging through the magic of curation.

I can still read and I’ve been reading a lot, mostly with an ice pack crammed under my shoulder blade.  I finally got around to reading Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods. The work impressed me. I’ve been a Gaiman fan since the Sandman comics. What’s more, the author impressed me. His artistic vision was broad (as usual) and his plot choices were bold. (Though it did leave me wondering where the Presbyterian God and Allah were on the battlefield.) I’m getting to Anansi Boys next. It’s been waiting for me, sitting on the shelf for a long time.

Finally, when I blog about editing, the topic is a sure bet to pump up the number of visitors. Yesterday’s post (immediately below) was no different. Here’s a more positive take:

Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: 7 Tips for Editing Your Way to the Best Story on the Planet

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