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10 Questions & Missions for Writers

Short Story

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What are you doing today that will advance your writing career? Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Today.

Choose #1 plus one other:

1. Have you written today?

2. Have you read a writing blog (besides this one)?

3. Have you researched an agent’s blog?

4. Have you proofread your poetry or short story?

5. Have you sent out one of your stories to a contest, magazine or journal?

6. Have you come up with at least five queries today?

7. Have you checked where your queries or stories are and if it’s been more than three months, do you need to write a reminder?

8. Have you read at least some pages of a good book today?

9. Have you set a word count or page count for your writing or editing project so you know the end date of the current stage of your project? If so, have you worked out a ship date?

10. Have you taken a half hour for yourself where you go for a walk, get some exercise, meditate or otherwise flush out your head so you have a fresh and healthy perspective on your work?

Please tell me you at least completed #1. You know why? Because your writing is #1!


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