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I won a Maggie Award! (Not!)

Good news! Last night I thought I was a finalist for the Maggie Awards for my column in Massage & Bodywork. There was a mix-up at the magazine so I wasn’t told until this morning that I wasn’t just a finalist. I won a Maggie! Yay! (This is writing award #8 for me…er, not that I’m counting.) Ahem.

My lovely editor wrote in this morning: “It’s a big deal. It’s the Western Publications Association headquartered in LA. It’s the second-biggest magazine organization to Folio.” The good people at M&B also won in another category for their very well-executed digital edition. Kudos to them. They’re great people to work with.

This is a great way to start the day. In fact, I think this requires a Starbucks coffee. Then back to the keyboard.


Due to a miscommunication at my magazine, I was informed this afternoon (August 19th) that, though I was indded a finalist for a Maggie, I did not, in fact, win a Maggie. Ack! I announced it on Twitter, on Facebook and here and for 24 hours, as far as I knew, it was true. It’s not a big deal since a couple days ago I didn’t know I was even up for the award. Runner-up kinda takes the piss out of the honor of the nomination though. Heavy sigh.

Thanks to my friends and followers for your support. Now, back to the keyboard…


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