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Create more interesting characters (Superman vs. Batman)

superman-vs-batmanSuperman and Batman. They are both orphans, but that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. Batman is the world’s greatest detective and/or a psychotic bad ass, depending on what vintage of comic you’re reading. Superman is an all-powerful boy scout with too few weaknesses. Batman is just a human who risks his secret identity every time he pulls his underwear over his Kevlar long johns.

Batman is more interesting. His story is dark so there’s more to explore. He is weak compared to Superman, but for story, you don’t want a hero who is safe from just about everything. You want a hero who is in danger every second. Then you put your characters through the grinder.

Don’t fall in love with your characters because, for your story to be at all readable, you’re going to do some horrible things to them.

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  1. pkgesic says:

    Yup, I’ve always felt this myself. A Batman-type character gives the writer more options.

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