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Smash Writer’s Block: Write Hardboiled Fiction

You aren’t going to feel like writing all the time. Set an egg timer and tell yourself you’ll just write for ten minutes. That’s one very hardboiled egg. You can manage ten minutes. Write as fast as you can and don’t pause to think. Don’t pause to look back and edit. Just go!

How this helps:

1. It gets you writing. You don’t need big blocks of time. Lots of writers knock out entire books in short segments. Little bits of stolen time are how stay-at-home moms and dads live. Do it consistently and you’ll build your book.

2. This technique forces you to move forward and not dither over split infinitives. Revise later. Write right now.

3. Once you get started, you will often find you’ll want to keep going. You may not have started off in the zone, but by promising yourself just ten minutes, you will often end up there and decide you want to stay, persevere and write more.


Some will say, “I don’t have even ten minutes.”

(I have heard this.)


Sorry to say, these people are whiners. You don’t have ten minutes? Really? 

Reality check:

You aren’t that crucial. You aren’t that important. You’re experiencing resistance. Go work on yourself and find out why you’re manufacturing drama. And ask yourself, do you really want to be a writer?

You don’t always have to be “in the mood” to write. You do have to take responsibility for not writing.

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One Response

  1. This is great advice.
    Writing is not unlike exercise: you spend the day with it hanging over your head – knowing at some point you SHOULD do it. But the real hard work is simply starting. Once you begin that 10 minutes – and you’re mentally sweaty – you always feel like you’re now in the groove.
    Getting started…THAT’S the killer..

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