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It’s a Surreal World

Huffington Post headlines:

Brad Pitt Trims His Beard; Megan Fox Gets Tattoo to Honor Mickey Rourke; Robert Pattison: I’ll Probably Die by 30 (he looks very happy in the photo); Marion Cotillard Talks about People Living Inside Her; Pakistanis Arrest American Hunting Bin Laden (our allies. Hm.); Police Office Punches Woman in Jaywalking Incident; Woman Voted for Alvin Green because it sounded like Al Green; GOP Congressman Accuses Himself of Blatant Conflict of Interest; Three-year-old Survives Dad’s Murder Suicide Rampage, Hides Behind Trash Can for 12 Hours After Being Shot; Somali Soccer Fans Executed for Watching World Cup Match; Louisiana Rep Suggests BP CEO Should Commit Suicide; Miley Cyrus: “I’m Not Trying to be Slutty” …

When real headlines are indistinguishable from The Onion, it’s either time to go back to bed or escape into some fiction because the real world is too surreal this morning.



In other news, The Gulf of Mexico is a disaster and there are at least a couple actual wars going on somewhere. And remember Katrina? Or Haiti?

I was full of righteous indignation when I started this rant. However, as I look through the real news, I understand why we run to the surreal.

Fiction is my escape hatch. Time to go make some.

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