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Monday Publishing Links

The Nighttime Novelist: Finish Your Novel in Your Spare Time‏

Guide to Literary Agents – How Writers Can Use Twitter for Networking and Success‏

Canada Reads Top 40 List of books

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Monday Writing Links


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It’s mid-afternoon. You need a break. Here are three good links to perk you up. Indulge with a writer recommendation (I have a soft spot for Irish writers), some titles that will sound familiar (but not quite) and a useful guide to clichés to avoid when you’re constructing your next sci-fi epic.

John Self on the best Irish writer you’ve never heard of.

The Guide to Sci-fi Clichés


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Writers: Publishing Advice Links

Seduced By History: Author One Sheets  ‏One Sheets are a great networking idea.

Accentuate Writers Forum – Writing Contests & Writing Grants

10 Lies that Cripple New Bloggers

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully: in Ten Minutes with Stephen King. By the way, my favorite book on writing is undoubtedly Stephen King’s On Writing.

Freelance Writing Jobs Network: Traffic Secrets for Writers

 Six Free and Amazing Ways to Promote Your Business

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More Great Publishing Links!

Novice Writers forum

Middle Grade Ninja: 7 Questions For: Literary Agent Sarah Davies‏

The State Of The Graphic Novel – Jared Keller – Culture – The Atlantic‏

Work it, Baby: Networking at the LSWF « London Screenwriters’ Festival Blog‏

Independent Publisher Online Magazine: Promoting Books, Authors and the Independent Movement‏



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