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Zip over here as quick as you can to check your keyboarding velocity.

You can write.

Are you also a fast typist?

Next question:

Does it matter?

I’m currently sucking down a great book: Timothy Ferriss‘s 4-Hour Body.* In it, he mentions how short-term goals, tiny achievable targets, can help you get huge projects done. Don’t have time to write a weighty tome? That’s okay. How about committing to a page a day? Half a page? A few sentences?

4_Hour_BodyIf you can do that much, you can get your book written this year. You know why?

Because most days you won’t just write a few sentences. Once you’re over that intimidating hump of “WRITING A WHOLE BOOK” (DUH-duh-DUUUUH!) you’ll sit down. You type a few sentences. Then you’ll already be over the worst of the procrastination speed bump. Chances are, you’ll get to writing much more most of the time.

And you’ll be on your way.

How fast you type won’t matter all that much really.

What matters is that you consistently write.

Consistency is what crushes. 


*Once you have your body in shape with Timothy Ferriss’s health hacks, read The 4-Hour Work Week. It is doubly awesome in giving you strategies to make your work life rule (without ruling you.) Read 4-Hour Body and you’ll live longer. Do 4-Hour Work Week and you’ll live so much better.

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