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What does the change from PubIt! to Nook Press mean to you, the author? Barnes and Noble is taking on Amazon and Apple.

Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

In an effort to be more competitive, Pubit! becomes Nook Press. There is concern about some of the terms. Some authors have decided to pull their books from B&N rather than come under Nook Press’s TOS. Holly Lisle also raised concerns about them changing your book cover on you. I’m reserving judgment until I see them in action. 


As soon as Amazon bought Goodreads, there were cries across the Interdom that Amazon’s competitors should have bought GR instead. I’m sure Nook Press was in the works long before the Amazon/Goodreads deal came to pass, but I do wonder if Amazon’s competitors will be spurred to more action. 


For instance, as KDP Select’s value has devalued, perhaps they could offer terms and promotions that can do KDP one better. I’ve been screeching for a long time that somebody should be copying Smashwords in one respect: Give us codes for coupons so we can promote our books more effectively.


No, no one listens to Chazz, but I’ll be uncharacteristically optimistic here and say I think we will see more change and better offerings in the near future. Whining about Amazon’s domination hasn’t helped, so perhaps competitors will do more of what is effective: adapt and actually compete instead of complain.


Learn more at the Scoopit! link to BookPromotion.com.


~ Chazz

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