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Book recommendations & VIDEO: People, nature and killer robots are out to get you

Everything_is_going_to_kill_everybodyWhat an amazing book this is! It’s terrifying and very funny at the same time. Written by Cracked writer Robert Brockway, this book lays out everything that should terrify you to hide under your bed. Some of the stuff I write is really about scary what if scenaria. But Everything is Going to Kill Everybody isn’t so theoretical and fictional. For instance, there are autonomous killer robots in Korea right now…that can decide on their own to kill you…from two miles away…in the goddamn dark! In a few years, one-third of US ground forces will be drones and robots! (That’s ground forces! Not just the flying killer robots they have now that can kill anyone anywhere with the pilots sitting safely in a bunker n Nevada.)


But that’s just one Skynet scenario. There are all kinds of things that could wipe out humans everywhere: hypercanes (instead of hurricanes), manufactured mega-tornadoes on a fragile leash, energy device plots that could fry us all, asteroid strikes, Mother Nature bludgeoning you over and over, microscopic robots, huge military robots designed to eat the fresh kills for energy (no, I’m not kidding!) and biotech wonders that could wipe us out with horrible plagues. In other words, you’ve got to buy this book, because, as deep as it goes, it’s also hilarious. The writer realizes that at some point he’s going to make you may lose all bowel control, so there are lots of comedic opportunities there. This is the scariest book you’ll ever laugh at.

(If you care to order immediately, just click the image for the Amazon link. If you’d prefer to live in sad denial, I understand, but you’ll miss a lot of fascinating, scary  science  and a lot of chuckles.)

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