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Turn on your TV. That’s it for now…

UPDATE: I turned on my TV. It’s been a long time since 2001. I knew he wasn’t in a cave (no sand fleas!) However, I was sure they’d find him in Saudi Arabia.

Anyway…they’re singing outside the White House, but it doesn’t seem like swift and terrible justice to me. More like, you  kill lots of people and we’ll get to you…eventually.

Triumphalism strikes a hollow note.

He inflicted much more horror than he got. And the terrorists won. Our lives have changed forever. he Patriot Act is still in. Git mo is still open. Secret military tribunals are still in. The borders are wary and air travel is assault, radiation and possible forced colonoscopy. Worst, the War on Terror sucks billions to defense that could have been spent on social justice and health care. More terrorists have been created and racism against innocent Muslims is powerfully strong.

To kill him now? Sounds like a fighter, beaten until unrecognizable from what he was, gloating about getting in one good punch.

I feel no satisfaction in the death of the villain. Instead I feel sadness for the America’s loss.

Turn off your TV. The pundits are about to go batshit and read way too much win into this. Unless it’s FOX. Fox News will figure out a way this is terrible news for the Obama administration.



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