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Disturbing Poetry

 The following is not for the easily offended. Or the sane. But you? Yeah, sicko, you might groove on this. Now take your medication.

Behind you

I focus on the space between people,

never seeing eye-to eye.

My position is always peripheral.

People say I’m way too shy.

But I am watching

especially when you think I’m not.

I’m stealing smiles and taking names

and trying not to get caught.

I’m surfing the net and hacking your man.

I stay to the shadows, surveilling things,

watching you undress and making plans.

 It’s like dead to alive, the rush that brings.

You should leave him

or you’ll wish you had.

I’ll treat you right, hardly ever bad.

I’ll help you get there and make you see.

That man is doing very bad deeds,

worse even than me.

He disgusts me, knelt behind you,

sweating and gritting and looking grim.

Lucky for you, I’m just behind him.

I know you’ll understand my sweet thoughts

and why he really had to be stopped.

He only wanted you for your body

and doing things real ladies know are naughty.

Please don’t scream and stop the cursing

or my transgressions shall certainly worsen.

What do you mean you don’t know who I am?

I’ve rung up your filthy purchases again and again.

Pepsi and condoms and personal lubricant.

Don’t say you didn’t flirt with the drugstore man!

You looked me in the eyes

and didn’t look away.

You gave me a smile and said thank you.

What else was there to say?

You sent me coded messages in sheer blouse fashion.

Now we’re together forever in crimes of passion.

You have bound me in irredeemable love.

I proved it by the sticky blood on my gloves.

And I have bound you in duct tape and leather

one garroted boyfriend on the floor

and a four-poster awaits our mutual pleasure.

Too much has been done

for any more to be said.

Now lick your lips, darling, red and wet.

I’ve come for your head.


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