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Writing at Starbucks and the AlphaSmart Neo

Family Guy spoofed it. I’ve read lots of snarky bits over the years and I say it’s time to end the discrimination. I have a dream! I’m sick of your facile condemnation so I’m coming out and I’m not ashamed. So here goes…I write at (choke) Starbucks. Don’t judge me! It’s the only coffee shop I know where I can sit for hours at a time and nobody’s going to give me a dirty look for loitering. I get away from the kids a bit (love ’em, can’t get much done with them wanting to play on Wii) and I get stuff written so come down from your throne you %!!&! snobs!

Here’s a couple of things to consider: I write with an Alphasmart Neo and I really love it. You’ve seen it advertised in Writer’s Digest etc.,… It’s a tough little keyboard so you can just stuff it in a backpack; it runs for 700 hours on three AA batteries; you can download to it and from it; it doesn’t heat up like regular laptops do and it’s cheap.

Best of all, it has the same virtue that Starbucks has: no distractions. In my home office I can get sucked into all the wonderful distractions that home offers. There are games and internet surfing to do on the home computer. The Neo is just a keyboard. No games, no e-mail, no net. It’s just a glorified typewriter. Yes, I wish it had a mouse sometimes, but for just raw sitting down and burning through, the Neo is your baby. 

*The Second Cup is okay, too.

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4 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Phillip J Rhoades, Robert Chute. Robert Chute said: Writing at Starbucks (unapologetically) and using the AlphaSmart Neo http://bit.ly/9B5q7v […]

  2. Paper Tiger Press says:

    What can I say? I use an Alphasmart Neo all the time here in Japan, it has kept me writing far more than any other method I have tried. I just pick it up and go. Replaced the batteries for the first time a couple months ago-quite the momentous occasion as you are probably aware! I figure it doesn’t matter where you write, but Starbucks was the first place I started to babble in writing. I would go there before teaching at my English school and journal, write down poetry or ideas. The environment was very conducive for me at that time. Now I mainly write at home (making my own pot of coffee is much cheaper), but I totally understand what you mean. My advice to everyone at all times is- keep writing!

  3. Billy Owens says:

    None on Amazon! Damnit!

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