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Writerly link roundup: word counts by genre (& send in the cavalry!)

I’m in the editing basilica today but I wanted to take a moment to lay out three little info-gifts for you, and then, something special.cover_front_soe_gol















Three interesting links:

An Author’s Perspective on Scribd versus Bookbuzzr

What word count fits your manuscript’s genre?

A writer and her hate mail

And finally, an author decides to give away his e-book. What makes this special? No gimmicks, no forms, no following, no email subscriptions, zero ordeal.

JS Chancellor’s book got pirated but he’s turning things around. It will be interesting to see how his strategy works to promote the book.

So let’s help. Pump up his blog. Pump up the volume. Go see if you like his writing and maybe a great experience and reader-writer relationship will begin.

He calls it “a shameless plea for help.” I say we help out because, hey, we’re writers! We can help out other writers! More important, we’re readers! And helping out feels good.

And the dude’s giving you a book! What’s to think about? If you like it, spread his word. Go there, bookmark it and pick it up March 1.

Check here for details:

Free Copy of Son of Ereubus


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