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The Subject is Subjectivity

Editor and agent submission guidelines can sometimes be silly and  hyperbolic. “Blow me away! I want to be transported!” Then you actually read their lit journal or the books they published and you think, “Really? That blew you away? I’d rather read a cereal box.”

Agents will tell you what they don’t want, which is reasonable. If editors who handle fantasy aren’t in their network, that’s fine, they don’t handle that. That’s a business decision that says nothing about your work.

Editors and agents want something that appeals to them and they’ll call whatever appeals to them “good.” Bookstores and libraries have lots of books that don’t appeal to me. I don’t assume that means they’re bad books, however. I just think, somebody must love that stuff and I don’t. I have no interest in birdwatching or golf. Still lots of people are into that.

The best rejection slips simply say, “Not for us.” That’s most accurate. Everything else is just an opinion. Don’t take your rejection slips personally.

Now go mail your manuscript again.

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